CAQH ProView

The Next Generation Universal Provider Datasource® 

Taking credentialing to new heights and beyond

For more than a decade, the Universal Provider Datasource (UPD) was the trusted source and industry standard for self-reported provider data required for credentialing.

Now, CAQH has launched CAQH ProView, the next generation of UPD. More than 1.3 million healthcare providers are using this greatly enhanced solution. CAQH ProView continues to be the premier credentialing tool, but can now also be used by participating organizations for network directories, claims processing, quality assurance, emergency response, member services and more.

Created with feedback from healthcare providers and health plans, CAQH ProView offers new features that make it easier for providers to make updates, reducing the time and resources necessary to submit accurate, timely data to organizations that require that information. Time saving features enable healthcare providers to:

  • Complete and attest to multiple state credentialing applications in one intelligent workflow design.  
  • Upload supporting documents directly into CAQH ProView to eliminate the need for manual submission and to improve the timeliness of completed applications.
  • Review and approve Practice Manager information before data is imported.
  • Protect against delays in data processing with more focused prompts and real-time validation.
  • Self-register with the system before a health plan initiates the application process.
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