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CAQH ProView: Enhancements in Response to COVID-19

The following CAQH ProView® releases will be effective April 20, 2020:

License Upload Requirements Follow Changes in FSMB Rules

In response to COVID-19, the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) relaxed rules regarding physician licensure during the State of Emergency, extending physician renewal dates as much as 90 days after the end of the emergency, varying by state.

With this release, providers will no longer be required to upload a license copy to their CAQH profile. This enhancement will benefit providers that might not have new licenses at their next attestation due to the relaxed FSMB rules.

Additionally, the process of uploading a license copy into CAQH ProView is redundant since provider licenses must be verified with the primary source by participating organizations, and many states no longer produce a physical license making the requirement for a license copy no longer necessary.

New Practice Setting Options During State of Emergency

The Practice Setting dropdown value in CAQH ProView will be updated from "Military/Federal Only" to "Military/Federal or Emergency Responder" allowing eligible providers to meet various needs during a state of emergency. 

Specifically, these additions will remove the requirement for a provider to have a current license for each state in which they practice.

To learn more about CAQH ProView, click here.