The CAQH Index Report

The CAQH Index is the industry source for tracking health plan and provider adoption of fully electronic administrative transactions. It also estimates the industry cost savings opportunity, an amount that declines as adoption and efficiency grows.

Tracking adoption and the cost savings opportunities is essential for assessing the progress and momentum of an ongoing transition that now spans more than two decades. By benchmarking progress, industry and government can more easily identify barriers that may be preventing stakeholders from realizing the full benefit of electronic administrative transactions. These insights can prompt new initiatives and reduce barriers.

Participation from medical and dental health plans and providers, including hospitals, health systems, medical groups and IPAs are essential to the success of the CAQH Index. Regardless of adoption status, CAQH encourages all entities to participate.

The 2019 CAQH Index is now available

Coming Soon! 2020 CAQH Index Report

 The cost of manual and portal healthcare administrative transactions continues to be a burden for plans, providers and vendors, but the industry has also made progress in a number of areas:

  • The progress made in adopting electronic transactions;
  • Changes in savings opportunities;
  • Trended spend and cost avoided through automation; and
  • The challenges that still exist for the industry.

 Registration for the 2020 CAQH Index webinar will open soon!

History of the CAQH Index

While established in 2008 by Emdeon (now Change Healthcare), the Index was adopted by CAQH in 2011 and it quickly evolved into the industry source for tracking adoption of HIPAA-mandated and other electronic administrative transactions for the medical and dental industries. To maintain pace with the evolving healthcare industry, CAQH continues to refine current measures, examine new opportunities and expand the scope of the Index.

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