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The CAQH Index is the industry source for tracking health plan and provider adoption of fully electronic administrative transactions. It also estimates the industry cost savings opportunity, an amount that declines as adoption and efficiency grows.

Tracking adoption and the cost savings opportunity is essential for assessing the progress and momentum of an ongoing transition that now spans more than two decades. By benchmarking progress, industry and government can more easily identify barriers that may be preventing stakeholders from realizing the full benefit of electronic administrative transactions. These insights can prompt new initiatives and reduce barriers.


About the CAQH Index

Purpose & Vision

The CAQH Index was created as an industry-wide resource for tracking the transition from a paper- and phone-based system to an electronically-enabled system. The CAQH Index raises awareness of potential savings and seeks to facilitate public-private sector collaboration to overcome barriers with electronic processing.

The Index serves as a meaningful tool for all healthcare industry stakeholders, enabling public and private participants to assess remaining gaps and develop strategies to enhance administrative processes. As government and industry work to simplify and increase the effectiveness of the U.S. healthcare system, the CAQH Index provides especially valuable information for policymakers and regulators.

Moving forward, the CAQH Index will continue to refine current measures, examine opportunities to measure progress from the perspective of additional stakeholders, and expand the scope of its annual transaction data collection. It will offer a robust analysis of the progress being made in the transition from paper-based transactions to more efficient and cost-effective electronic transactions.


In September 2011, CAQH accepted ownership of the Index from Emdeon (now Change Healthcare). Originally established in 2008, the Index has expanded over the years to provide a more comprehensive view of the adoption of electronic administrative transactions. The CAQH Index is helping to explore the impact of new transaction standards and operating rules.

An Advisory Council representing all facets of the healthcare industry guides the work of the CAQH Index . The Council is responsible for developing the data collection methodology and reporting on industry progress.

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